My friends son is three years old. Never seen a baseball game before in his life. Yet he’s sitting here with me very enthralled with the action on the big screen.

Top of the 2nd inning…
“Ma’am we winning now, right?”
“Yes Baby we are”

Bottom of the 3rd…
“Ma’am, where’s numer 3 like your bayball jersey?”
“Right there Baby, he just caught the ball”
“We winning Ma’am! We winning!!”
“Yes Baby we are”

Bottom of the 4th inning…
Marlins score
“Sit Ma’am? We not winning?”
“No Baby we’re tied”
“Blue cap…blue cap…Ma’am we have blue caps right?”
“Yes Baby, we wear the blue caps”
“They have blue caps like yours”
“Yes Baby they have blue caps like mine”

Top of the 5th inning…
Me screaming because Yasiel Puig hits a home run…
“Ma’am we doing good? What he do Ma’am? We winning Ma’am?”
“Yes Baby we’re doing good. That hit is a home run and now we’re winning again”
Two batters later my favorite player, Chris Taylor, comes up to bat…
“Ma’am he has your bayball jersey. He you favert?”
Yes Baby, he’s my favorite player”
Next batter I’m screaming again because Corey Seager hits a home run…
“Ma’am he hit a home run? We winning again?”
“Yes baby he hit a home run and we’re still winning”

Bottom of the 5th inning…
Me cursing because the Marlins score three for the lead…
“No Baby we’re NOT winning now”

Runs off to play catch…that’s the extent of a 3 year olds attention span. Oh wait he’s back…

Top of the 9th inning…
Dodgers down by one with two outs and Joc Pederson is one strike away from a loss when he gets a single…
“Ma’am we winning?”
“Not yet but we’re trying Baby”
Now it’s up to Yasmani Grandal…he’s the winning run at the plate. They walk him on a full count & I’m bouncing in my seat. Sweet boy jumping up & down next to me.
Up comes Yasiel Puig…again the Boys in Blue are down to their final strike.
WHAM BAM Puiggy sends it sailing 412ft into the Marlins centerfield monstrosity for a three run homer.
I’m hootin & hollering & stomping my feet…

As he scampered upstairs to bed!!



I decided to take a walk down to the liquor store, two blocks away.  A light breeze barely blowing my long red hair, comfortable in my grey tank and gym shorts

The cool night air feels good upon my warm flesh. I look up to gaze upon the stars. Plenty are visible tonight thru a few high, fluffy clouds.

A perfect night for for a pleasant evening stroll. Perfect weather and perfect night sky.

Good thing I’m comfortable in my tank and shorts…the temp in the store is tropical. I get my smokes and a lime, browsing a bit as I head to the door.

As I stroll out the door to enjoy a pleasant walk home, this night of perfect weather and night sky, I’m shocked back into the store…shocked not by sight or sound, but by the stinging pelt of a cold, hard rain upon my warm, tanned bare skin.

I decided to go ahead and continue my walk home in the rain. The temp was still perfect. Gazing skyward, I was amazed to find that it was still perfect, with the stars still visible thru fluffy white clouds. Yet it was still raining, just not as hard as when I’d left the store.

The rain, now gentle upon my bare tanned skin, was soaking my tank and gum shorts, making my unbound pink peaks quite visible perky. Seeing them that way made me think of you; what your response would be at the sight.

The rise between the thighs, the slight flush of face and blush of cheeks. That shy little giggle you get when slightly embarrassed. Then the playful, teasing comments about their perkiness and what you intend to do with them.

Needless to say, that visualization of you, your hardness, your teasing words have made me extremely twitchy…to the point that I’m now aching with desire for you, your touch, your love.



.    My friends who know my Mushie kitty know that when momma calls she comes running (my puppy cat 😆) her bells just jangling away!!! Not so on a recent night 😞. I called for her into the really early AM hours to no avail.
.    After what was a very sleepless night, I threw on my clothes, went right on out the front door & started calling for her. I swore I could hear her very faint mews coming from my neighbours tree but oddly couldn’t hear her noisy, jangling bells.
.    Every time I got anywhere near my neighbours tree, my friend Courtney’s (& neighbour across the street) wolf Chief would bark up a storm. Every time I called out Mushies name, Chief would knowingly quiet down so I could hear her.
.    I swore I could hear her in the tree, but when asked, my neighbour he said he couldn’t hear her. He then said not to worry, she’s a cat…she’ll come down when she was good & ready.
.    Finally, with NO HELP from my neighbour, I went back to the house. I woke my boyfriend, Randy, asked him to please help me to get Mushie out of the tree on the corner.
I pointed out exactly where I felt she was, but the branches & leaves were really thick. I went back to the house & got the scoping rod…with that we could move leaves & branches to see if we could spot her.
Randy kept moving leaves away from where I felt she was at. I took the rod from him & placed it right in the spot where I knew my fuzzy baby girl to be!!!
Sure enough when the leaves & branches parted I saw her sweet fuzzy face & her bells started jangling!! Randy could even see her!! 😃 Only problem was she couldn’t move 😒
Randy went home, grabbed the ladder & climbed the tree. When he got within reach of Mushie & moved the leaves outta the way he found the reason why she wasn’t coming down on her own.
The branches where she was at were straight up-n-down & covered in slick ivy!! The entire tree was covered in that damn ivy. Mushie couldn’t climb down on her own.
Fortunately, she had managed to wedge her hind legs under a few limbs, laying atop those limbs so she wouldn’t slip off. Guess when I didn’t find her the night before she figured she better find a way to keep from falling out until Mommy & Daddy could find & rescue her.
Randy got into that tree, safely wedged himself in so when he grabbed our fuzzy baby girl they wouldn’t tumble to the ground. Randy grabbed Mushie by her scruff, untangled her legs from the tree limbs, & with a minimum of claw damage, Randy wrapped her protectively in his strong arms & climbed down the ladder.
In true hero fireman fashion, Randy handed a rescued & very grateful Mushie into the arms of her extremely happy & relieved mommy, ME!!