I know the weekend SUCKED
You have snowmen to DESTRUCT
Time to get that bottle of BEAUJOLAIS 
And your business to CONDUCT
So don’t let this day get AWAY
Tell all the naysayers “GO GET FUCKED”
Because TODAY

Happy Birthday Sherry Beth Swain



He’s an idiot, he’s an ass   
     He’s fat, lazy, total crass
          Totally lacking any class
On this fool you should definitely pass

He’ll talk a good game
      Try to make you his flame
          Can’t you see he’s really lame, 
Now your good name he’ll defame

He’s not a hunk
     But a real punk
          Always alcoholic DRUNK
Waiting to blame you for his funk

If you make the dough
      He’ll want to be your beaux
          Simply to spend it all on blow
You should walk on by, let this one go

If you don’t want to be kicked
     Or with a registered drug addict
          Stay away from this three time convict
Or you’ll be next, I predict

Heed my words mademoiselle
     Keep yourself safe, out of HELL
          Before he drops a big bombshell 
If you don’t you’re one stupid dumbbell 

I was once thunderstruck
     Just my DUMB LUCK
          He was such a schmuck
Oh hell, KEEP HIM BITCH, I don’t give a FUCK

Revised ©sjsroberts042217👼🏻 with Derrick Mowery


An empaths bane
     Feeling so much sorrow and pain

Wanting to turn it off like a light 
     For just one day that is sunny and bright

It spreads like a bloodstain
     Is heavy, like a ball and chain

To walk with a bounce would be a delight
     Even better, to dance the dance of a sprite 

The smile I feign
     Is such a damn drain

Just one day, just one night
     To send it up in a satellite 

To wake feeling humane
     Queen of my domain❣️❣️



The ghosts of yesterday
     Haunt the days yet to come

In my head memories replay
     Leaving me to feel cold and numb

They come back upon my heart to replay
     Always with the same outcome

          Always rejected          

          Never included

     Never once a sweet, tasty crumb
Forever leaving me feeling betrayed

     Wanting to smile, not be so glum
Everyday praying for happiness to outweigh

     Allow the sunshine in, Love to overcome
Let those ghost completely disappear and decay



I’m angry, I’m sad
I’m hurt and mad
     And not just a tad

Once again hurt
By yet another flirt
     Now I’m on high alert

I am oh so done
With the web that was spun
     And once again away I run

Here comes the pain
With all its disdain
     I feel the ice dripping into my vein

Next time I contemplate love
I’ll just give a hard shove
     And let him fall from high above


Boys in Blue

Don’t fret for our Boys in Blue
Keep the faith, stay loyal and true

All us fans need to stay strong
As the season’s still quite long

The season is new, barely begun
Opening week is now said and done

As Joc popped a Grand Slam
And then Yaz goes bam, bam

Barnes hit his very first homer in the League
Four so far for the wild horse named Puig

Toles is proving he isn’t a joke
While Seager is the one to go for broke



Even tho the joke has always been on me
I keep on searching and do still truly believe
That one day that 🃏JOKER🃏known as love
Will open his eyes to see
That even tho he’s tried to beat me down
I still have love to give and keep my FAITH
He’ll stay and never leave