He’s an idiot, he’s an ass   
     He’s fat, lazy, total crass
          Totally lacking any class
On this fool you should definitely pass

He’ll talk a good game
      Try to make you his flame
          Can’t you see he’s really lame, 
Now your good name he’ll defame

He’s not a hunk
     But a real punk
          Always alcoholic DRUNK
Waiting to blame you for his funk

If you make the dough
      He’ll want to be your beaux
          Simply to spend it all on blow
You should walk on by, let this one go

If you don’t want to be kicked
     Or with a registered drug addict
          Stay away from this three time convict
Or you’ll be next, I predict

Heed my words mademoiselle
     Keep yourself safe, out of HELL
          Before he drops a big bombshell 
If you don’t you’re one stupid dumbbell 

I was once thunderstruck
     Just my DUMB LUCK
          He was such a schmuck
Oh hell, KEEP HIM BITCH, I don’t give a FUCK

Revised ©sjsroberts042217👼🏻 with Derrick Mowery

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