I decided to take a walk down to the liquor store, two blocks away.  A light breeze barely blowing my long red hair, comfortable in my grey tank and gym shorts

The cool night air feels good upon my warm flesh. I look up to gaze upon the stars. Plenty are visible tonight thru a few high, fluffy clouds.

A perfect night for for a pleasant evening stroll. Perfect weather and perfect night sky.

Good thing I’m comfortable in my tank and shorts…the temp in the store is tropical. I get my smokes and a lime, browsing a bit as I head to the door.

As I stroll out the door to enjoy a pleasant walk home, this night of perfect weather and night sky, I’m shocked back into the store…shocked not by sight or sound, but by the stinging pelt of a cold, hard rain upon my warm, tanned bare skin.

I decided to go ahead and continue my walk home in the rain. The temp was still perfect. Gazing skyward, I was amazed to find that it was still perfect, with the stars still visible thru fluffy white clouds. Yet it was still raining, just not as hard as when I’d left the store.

The rain, now gentle upon my bare tanned skin, was soaking my tank and gum shorts, making my unbound pink peaks quite visible perky. Seeing them that way made me think of you; what your response would be at the sight.

The rise between the thighs, the slight flush of face and blush of cheeks. That shy little giggle you get when slightly embarrassed. Then the playful, teasing comments about their perkiness and what you intend to do with them.

Needless to say, that visualization of you, your hardness, your teasing words have made me extremely twitchy…to the point that I’m now aching with desire for you, your touch, your love.

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