.    My friends who know my Mushie kitty know that when momma calls she comes running (my puppy cat ๐Ÿ˜†) her bells just jangling away!!! Not so on a recent night ๐Ÿ˜ž. I called for her into the really early AM hours to no avail.
.    After what was a very sleepless night, I threw on my clothes, went right on out the front door & started calling for her. I swore I could hear her very faint mews coming from my neighbours tree but oddly couldn’t hear her noisy, jangling bells.
.    Every time I got anywhere near my neighbours tree, my friend Courtney’s (& neighbour across the street) wolf Chief would bark up a storm. Every time I called out Mushies name, Chief would knowingly quiet down so I could hear her.
.    I swore I could hear her in the tree, but when asked, my neighbour he said he couldn’t hear her. He then said not to worry, she’s a cat…she’ll come down when she was good & ready.
.    Finally, with NO HELP from my neighbour, I went back to the house. I woke my boyfriend, Randy, asked him to please help me to get Mushie out of the tree on the corner.
I pointed out exactly where I felt she was, but the branches & leaves were really thick. I went back to the house & got the scoping rod…with that we could move leaves & branches to see if we could spot her.
Randy kept moving leaves away from where I felt she was at. I took the rod from him & placed it right in the spot where I knew my fuzzy baby girl to be!!!
Sure enough when the leaves & branches parted I saw her sweet fuzzy face & her bells started jangling!! Randy could even see her!! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Only problem was she couldn’t move ๐Ÿ˜’
Randy went home, grabbed the ladder & climbed the tree. When he got within reach of Mushie & moved the leaves outta the way he found the reason why she wasn’t coming down on her own.
The branches where she was at were straight up-n-down & covered in slick ivy!! The entire tree was covered in that damn ivy. Mushie couldn’t climb down on her own.
Fortunately, she had managed to wedge her hind legs under a few limbs, laying atop those limbs so she wouldn’t slip off. Guess when I didn’t find her the night before she figured she better find a way to keep from falling out until Mommy & Daddy could find & rescue her.
Randy got into that tree, safely wedged himself in so when he grabbed our fuzzy baby girl they wouldn’t tumble to the ground. Randy grabbed Mushie by her scruff, untangled her legs from the tree limbs, & with a minimum of claw damage, Randy wrapped her protectively in his strong arms & climbed down the ladder.
In true hero fireman fashion, Randy handed a rescued & very grateful Mushie into the arms of her extremely happy & relieved mommy, ME!!

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