🌜As you gaze upon the moon this nite
        Imagine my arms around you, soft & light

✨As the stars spread across the sky
        You finally lay down, relax, close your eyes

🙇You sense my hand teasingly graze your strong thigh
         And in your tho’ts you attempt to verify

🎯As my gently grazing hand hits the big BULLSEYE
         Which causes you suddenly to rigidify

⚡️I continue my play, hoping to electrify
         YOU, wise guy; for some odd reason get tongue-tied

🚗Is that becuz I’ve decided I’m gonna take a ride
          With warm, wet feelings, sensations deeply intensify

🎢Mmmmmm the glide,
         what a sweet HIGH

😟I crawl into my lonely bed,
         Tho’ts of you running around my head

💏With sweet, soft angel kisses from me to thee
         It’s off to dreamland, set your imagination free

😴Good nite my Love
         Meet me in dreamland,

🌈To continue this fun that we have begun                                        


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