🔱I feel so alone
      Like that bitchy old crone
         You know the one, just up the street

🔱No one comes, no one goes,
         I wonder, is that the life that she chose?
            To be as cold as the earth ‘neath my feet?

🔱Did she choose a life so dark & morose?
        As to be almost always lachrymose?
           I wonder, what made her life incomplete?

🔱Was it a childhood hurtful & sad?
         A life without the love of a Mom or a Dad?
           Was there no one to teach her life could be sweet?

🔱Was she in the way, always pushed aside?
        Made to feel as tho she should hide?
           To find a dark place, a quiet retreat?

🔱Was there never a Sir Gallahad
        To save her from that good-looking cad?
           Thus turning her heart as cold as concrete?

🔱Was she always a bridesmaid, never the bride?
        Never a true love to stand by her side?
           That would make one feel obsolete…

🔱Did she choose to always be alone?
        Who? Why that bitchy old crone.
           You know, the one up the street.


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